Monday, February 7, 2011

What is the best Orchid Mix?

First and foremost, orchids do not grow in dirt, it will smother their roots and kill the plant. Orchids require special media in which to grow. The best media for an orchid is the one that best matches the type of orchid and the conditions in which it is growing. The conditions on a sun porch in Florida are different from a heated home in Ohio yet orchids, with proper care, can thrive in both. Often multiple media are mixed together in an orchid mix with each ingredient bringing unique desirable characteristics to the mix. The goal is the same, to use a mix that is open and airy and brings to the orchid the appropriate amount of moisture for its needs.

Whether you choose one of our Classic Orchid Mixes, Imperial Orchid Mixes or choose to create your own custom Select-A-Blend, we hope you will see the variety of orchid media and orchid mix ideas available here. Also see our illustration of Orchid Root Size and how it relates to the choice of orchid mix. To better understand the water retention capability of each orchid media please see our Media Weights chart.